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Historically asphalt maintenance has been a costly reactive process. However, the recent spike in asphalt costs has highlighted the need for proactive maintenance. Extending the life of your existing pavement without huge construction costs will give you the ability to maximize your budget and increase the number of locations touched.  Switching from a reactive pavement program to a proactive maintenance program that effectively achieves your goals requires a new innovative, cost effective solution

The ACOS (Asphalt Cold Overlay Systems) line of products is that SOLUTION!

  1. ACOS (Asphalt Cold Overlay Systems) refers to our full line of innovative products that are designed to extend the life of your existing asphalt and/or act as asphalt alternative replacement products to the conventional hot mix methods of installation and repair.  Please see our product links to the left or at the bottom of the page.  The ACOS line of products incorporates the best traits of competitive processes to provide a longer lasting, more durable wear surface.  The ACOS line of products provide a competitive advantage and are the solution to your pavement needs.

  2. The ACOS line of products is designed to repair the complete range of pavement defects with one product line.  Recent innovation additions to the ACOS line include HT Resurfacer, an asphalt replacement product and SUPERMAT, an asphalt recycling process product.  The ACOS line of products provides GREEN solutions with excellent performance and durability.

  3. Cold "GREEN" process. The ACOS line of products is extremely stable with a long shelf life. Combine that with the fact that no heat is required during storage or installation makes the ACOS line of products easy to ship and affordable to install.

  4. More flexible/stronger than HMA. (See specs)

  5. The ACOS line of products continue to surpass the performance of traditional hot mix asphalt paving. (see report)

  6. Better performance than competitive processes.  Our innovative ACOS line of products has been designed to outlast competitive processes.  If you review the COMPARISON tab on each of the individual product websites you will see the performance life as compared to the competitive process as well as benefits and limitations of both.  In each case our products have equal to or better than performance and an economic advantage.  Click on the PRODUCT tab to the left or the product names below to get connected to the individual product websites.

  7. Design the right program for implementing the ACOS product line.  Crius Corp Consulting allows multi-location clients to utilize our MYPAVE portal for budget maximization.  MYPAVE Portal gives the client access to a customized proactive program designed around their properties and an effective tool for 5 or 10 year budget forecasts.  Click on the MYPAVE tab to learn more.         


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