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Click on the a state above to find the Crius Corp Certified Installer closest to you. Crius Corp authorized installers offer a complete line of Crius asphalt resurfacing products. Crius Corp is an Innovative Industry leader in the asphalt resurfacing arena. The Crius Corp product line is Non Caustic, Non Volatile, and Non Hazardous with no distillates or solvents. The bottom line is they are a Green Product and Process! The resurfacing process can save you 30-40% over traditional methods of overlaying asphalt. Crius Corp’s products over and economic advantage- allowing you to maintain more square yardage with no increase in the budget! Contact us for more information @ 877-251-8295
Crius Corp is currently looking to expand its National network of Certified Installers. If your organization is looking for a new business opportunity, please contact us form more information @ 877-251-8295.
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